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Sarah Beeney : Garden Makeover

Following on from our success on Alan Titchmarsh's series for ITV "Love Your Garden"...we are looking forward this week to being a part of a new series for Discovery Plus Channel fact it's Sarah Beeny's very own "Renovate don't Relocate".

Mum and daughter Michelle and Claire need urgent help with their garden in Twickenham, both to accommodate Michelle's giant tortoise 'Rex' and for her daily workouts (she plays for England's Soft Ball team).

So it'll be a new fence, two new patios (one for breakfast), garden lighting, raised veg and herb garden, tortoise run, new rendered walls, and lots of gorgeous new plants.

We have just two weeks to go before filming the finished product (although there will be some 'in progress; shots too) no pressure there then :-)

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