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Wimbledon Garden

A Small Gem in Wimbledon

This Wimbledon garden has some beautiful established planting as the client is a real plantswoman. There was almost no hardstanding and only a thin band of lawn, so we took up the lawn and replace it with a terrace which helped to really connect the house with the full length of the garden.

Porcelain Paving


We created some tasteful & informal paving using porcelain slabs, which contrasted wonderfully with the soft mainly perennial planting. Porcelain paving has the advantage over natural stone that it doesn't absorb water on its surface. So it doesn't suffer from the staining and algae growth that can occur with natural stone, it is also easy to clean, keeping a crisp look with low maintenance.


The existing planting included delicate Guaras and Japanese Anemonies ... we added amongst other things some stately Phormium Tenax to give extra shape and colour all year round.

The two Victorian urns make a perfect focal point drawing your eye down the terrace.They contain mainly different varieties of Helleborus, giving lush green leaves and flowers in Winter/Spring, giving a splash of life when most other plants will have died back or are in hibernation.

We also included three different varieties of Japanese Maple, which will add Autumnal colour. And on the timber pergola many different types of Clematis, Honeysuckle and Vines, to give fragrant shade in the warmer months. The side of the house is devoted mainly to large tree ferns (Dicksonia Antarctica) which are both striking in form and cope well with the shade of their north facing aspect.


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