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This garden space was to be used primarily for family meals and gatherings, yet in a stylish setting.

The garden was originally a tired piece of old lawn (see before image) and the big challenge? There was no access to either side of the house of materials in and out!


We got around this problem with putting sheets down in the house everyday…and by have incredibly patient clients!

The rendered walls give a light, mediterranean feel to the garden and the soft red of the walling sets off the pale colour of the walls.


The shed (OK let’s call it a summerhouse) had to stay for a variety of reasons, but was painted a modern dark grey colour to help it blend in.

The original site had a slight slope to it…this was taken out be introducing the single step you can see in the second image.

The three large pots (planted with topiariesed buxus) are a great focal point as is the stainless steel water feature on the opposite side.

Planting was all contemporary and was restricted to large drifts of pennisetum alopecuroides, miscanthus and some large shaped holly trees.

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