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The Japanese Garden is often perceived...

in the West as a single garden style, when in fact there are many different philosophies and approaches, either based on traditional rituals or have spiritual meaning. The client's Japanese garden design, was inspired by beauty and calmness. A type of garden whose major design aesthetic is a simple, minimalist natural setting designed to inspire reflection and meditation. Originally created 15 years ago, although the upkeep and additions to plants and maintenance has been an ongoing passion project for both me and the client.

The client is a wildlife enthusiast, so part of the brief was to incorporate their passions with the Japanese theme, keeping within the constraints of the budget to add a sanctuary for different species of creatures great and small. All plants sourced from the far east, with stone slab walkway and a timber bridge over a man-made zen pond.

Recently the amount of different birds, wildlife and dragonflies now call the garden their home has created the perfect environment for both man creatures alike.

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