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These two gardens in Putney are next door to each other.

While the first garden was in the design stage, their neighbour asked us to design and build them a new garden too.  Normally their only access would be through their house, but the remodeling of the first garden gave them the opportunity to use its gated access to construct their garden at same time, reducing disruption for them considerably.

The gardens are quite different in layout: one fairly traditional following a circular theme, the other more contemporary and rectilinear. The circular garden comprises two concentric circles, the inner one featuring herbs, the outer regular shrubs. It also featured two beautiful medium sized olive trees, which gave the garden instant maturity.

Both gardens are quite small and blessed with a good deal of vertical surfaces. These allowed for a good selection of climbers including fragrant roses, jasmines and clematis (including the evergreen Clematis x armandii).

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