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Simple Joys of the Garden, Relax, Unwind......

I wonder what this photo of a contemporary David Andersen garden design suggests to you?

Most of us have experienced quite radical changes in our lives over the last few years. We’ve probably travelled less, we worry more about the cost of living and climate change not to mention international geo-politics. One thing we all have in common is very likely to be spending more time at home and if we’re lucky enough to have one, more time in our gardens.

Time is never wasted in the garden. Simply enjoying the sights and sounds of nature is absorbing, refreshing and healing (even as we’re probably making a mental list of all the jobs that need doing!).

Sharing our garden with family and friends is always a pleasure so what better addition can there be than a special place to sit together? A place that can usher the joys of quiet contemplation, intimate conversation or just having fun.

This contemporary garden design seating area provides a wonderful spot for any kind of gathering. The Balau hardwood boards lead one to a beautifully constructed curved seating area. The boards have been individually tapered to form a circle which suggests all the compass points leading to nearby garden joys and distant views over the moors. Over a base of reclaimed Yorkshire flags, the straight boards seem to blossom like a flower at the end of a stem into the curved bench set into reclaimed stone walling.

David Andersen contemporary garden designs have always sought to bring beauty and form to our outside spaces. Increasingly we all need somewhere to feel rooted and safe while being able engage with the natural world. This Pennine sheme was designed and built five years ago. It creates intimacy as well as a lovely calm spot to view the garden and the ever changing landscape beyond. A sun trap or perhaps a sheltered spot for one of those rare days when the clouds descend!

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