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Just to show not all our projects are contemporary!

This was a country estate near Tarporely in Cheshire and was a total of six acres in all and all had to landscaped. The main area was on a gently sloping, south-facing site, with beautiful views over the adjacent golf course.

The grade 2 listed Georgian house and garden were both in need of complete renovation, and most of the crumbling brick walls were taken down and rebuilt. During the initial excavation process we were intrigued to find a huge underground pit with brick lined walls…the local conservation officer was called in and informed us that it was a rare ice-pit used in Georgian times to store game and other meats using blocks of ice!

The clients gave us a free reign as far as the design was concerned, but it became obvious that the original layout was to be followed, keeping up with the local vernacular and staying loyal to the ‘spirit of the place’.

The elements worked on were to be extension of what was already ther :

  • The large lawn area was to be kept but made level as a lawn for cricket and croquet.

  • The existing orchard (with only two apple trees) was to be replanted.

  • As mentioned the Cheshire brick walling was rebuilt and strengthened.

  • The herbaceous border had very little remixing and was to be replanted with large colourful drifts of perennials.

  • Planting throughout the scheme was to be lavish to balance out the extensive lawned areas.

  • A large lake on two levels was to be introduced as a haven for wildlife.

  • An enclosed separate area was developed as a more formal area , with box hedging, sturdy white beams and elegant Mediterranean pots.


The garden is now over 15 years old, and has been lovingly maintained by the amazing John

Clifton, whose plant knowledge has only helped to further develop this garden

in all it’s glory.

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