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Renovate Don't Relocate : Update

Thrilled to be part of this episode of Renovate Don't Relocate with Sarah Beeney (Discovery Plus TV garden and house makeover show).

We are now into our second week of work on site, it's been wet and temperatures have been as low as -2°C, but we are soldiering on and making decent headway.

The lower patio and steps are coming together by the house (photo from last week). While further on up the garden, the raised veg and herb garden planter and the tortoise enclosure for Rex have been built, the lawn is going down and the lighting has been installed (so the garden can be enjoyed once the sun has gone down too). The upper patio is also about complete. Soon we'll be getting on to the planting, thankfully it's now getting a bit warmer, can't plant effectively in frozen ground.

Not long till the 'Big Reveal' with Sarah Beeney, in fact it's next Thursday...... So no pressure there then. I'm sure Claire and her daughter Michelle can't wait. :-)

If you would like to check it out, the show will be airing in May on Discovery Plus. I'm sure it will be well worth a watch as will the rest of the series no doubt.

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