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The Ongoing Wildflower Challenge

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

I am reflecting today on why I started this wild flower challenge at the beginning of the month, as it is quite a lot of work. I suppose the truth is I am really enjoying it, and it’s turning out to be a steep learning curve for me. As some of you who know me know my plant knowledge is quite good but with with regard to wildflowers…well not at all brilliant…. as it turns out.

I am enjoying finding a wildflower every day and posting it on social media and I am finding that every other plant seem to have either a culinary or medicinal value . As I read up on these I hope to start using herbs which are right here on my doorstep starting with wild garlic. (Foraging in fact)

I think I do recall a couple of years ago walking down in the woods with our good friend from India, Dr Amit Aurora one of India’s leading ayurvedic experts ( https://www.maharishi.co.uk/blog/dr-amit-arora/ ).

Every few minutes of the walk he would stop and point and say :

“Yes we have something similar in India and it is useful for such and such.”

He also made a statement that almost everything in nature has it’s uses a fact which I found very really profound.

So I am turning into a right little forager…and enjoying it.

I am getting so many of you responding either with questions about what you have found in your own garden or nearby woodland, or being told where to go and find a particular wildflower. Thank you all for this!

The reason I have called this a challenge is because I want to do one wildflower from the wood (which starts at the bottom of the garden) per day. There’s 30 days in April and yet only 16 common woodland flowers which bloom in this month! Help!

Well thanks to my good friend( and world famous flower painter) Claire Winteringham for her intimate knowledge of wildflowers …she has become an ally and keen co-plant spotter.

See : www.clairewinteringham.com see image below.

So another 17 days to go in April…. at least it occupies the time and takes the mind off covid19! Keep sending those suggestions!

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