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Japanese Garden : Lancashire

We often use these large flat stone pieces (some weigh up to half a ton to create a Japanese effect to our paved areas. This feature, combined with a large wildlife or koi pond,

give a definite Japanese feel. Associated planting may include Japanesemaples (acres), azaleas, magnolias,and different prunus (ornamental cherry trees). In addition we often use some of the large leaved foliage plants: gunnera manicata and the chinese rice- paper plant.(Tetrapanax papyrifer). Seen here the guys positioning the stones easy task since most are really heavy, hence the presence of the small digger.


The hole left in the centre is to act as a fire pit, this helps to extend enormousely the use of the garden, particularly on those cold autumn evenings.

Garden Location : Lancashire. Date: February 2020

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