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Irrigation in the Garden

We always advise clients to install irrigation systems – in city gardens, they’re definitely worth the relatively small investment. Those that don’t install them often regret it - particularly during prolonged hot spells.

We always recommend installing an irrigation at the same time as planting or hard landscaping, in order to hide connecting hoses. Although, if this has to be done retrospectively, there is always a way.

The most popular irrigation systems for urban gardens are simply connected to an outside tap with a small, battery operated control unit. This can be programmed to come on just for 30 mins a day, which is a real asset if you are going away on holiday.

Most irrigation systems are barely noticeable visually – and there are different types to suit different gardens. Many city dwellers opt for the “leaky hose” type of irrigation. This is a continuous hose that snakes through the planting with evenly-spaced holes that allow the water to seep out. This system is then simply covered over with mulch.

It’s always a great pleasure to re-visit gardens with irrigation systems one or two years after we have planted them. I can tell straight away which gardens have been looked after with a combination of regular watering and a proper irrigation system.

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