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A Contemporary Seaside Garden

A Contemporary Garden in East Sussex

So we have been busy down at Camber Sands on the south coast all week..

The first phase of this small garden was to build the wavy retaining wall design by Lisa Renilson. (Lisa appears whenever detailed design is needed or when that extra bit of flair needs to go onto into a scheme)

It was challenging to mark out the shape of the wall, but with some assistance from Lisa we got the hang of it and poured the footing and laid the bricks out so that bricklayer Paul could get a nice smooth curvy look.

We now have to wait for the wall to dry out so it can be rendered. We have to decide on a colour: this may match in with the Millboard Deck boards or we may decide on a contrast.

Let’s hope the weather next week is as kind as this week we only had a little bit of rain which is quite good because this part of the south coast can be quite wet and windy

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